Hi! You probably got here through my Instagram...

If we haven't met: I live just outside of Washington, D.C. with my husband Corey and our fluffy dog, Bowie. For work, I founded Girls' Night In (you should subscribe!) and Whiled. For fun, I love interior design, gardening, watching period pieces, reading historical fiction, listening to pop culture podcasts, and trying new recipes (obsessed with the NYT Cooking app).

Here's a fun recent press piece: our micro-wedding (we got married during COVID) was recently featured on Martha Stewart Weddings.

what is this?

I'm using this space to dump and store all the content, links, discoveries, photos, etc. that I think are worth sharing. I'm growing a little wary of putting all my content on social media apps. I'd like to own my content and make it feel a little more searchable and archivable.

You can find my more-polished writing and comprehensive recommendations over at Girls' Night In.

One day, I'll find the time to dump all the fun podcasts I've recorded and press pieces I've been honored to be a part of on here, too. But today is not that day, because my couch is calling me.

Take care, and I hope you get to eat some really delicious snacks today.

xo Alisha

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