Golden Globes, WandaVision, Harry and Megan

March 1, 2021

Bits and Bobs - Here's what caught my eye this week. (I used to share these on Instagram as Saved Stuff Sunday.)

Golden Globes fashion! What were your favorites? Anya Taylor-Joy in that green slip dress was hands down my fav, followed by Emma Corrin who played with unexpected proportions (also - yay, Emma! Remember when I said to keep an eye on her? Love her acting and intriguing personality a bunch…).

Other bits: I’m so thrilled for Chloé Zhao, the first Asian female director to win a Golden Globe, and can’t wait to watch Nomadland. The speech by Chadwick Boseman’s wife really got me… :( Tina and Amy were so good.

On that note - I learned that the Hollywood Foreign Press has no Black members out of 87.

This post on overthinking really got me: “Overthinking is a habit that we create when we feel unsafe… It’s the illusion that we can ‘think’ our way into security.” (h/t Grace Atwood)

I’m sure you’ve seen this by now but Martha Stewart on Harper’s BAZAAR of course caught my eye. THE QUEEN.

East Fork Pottery mugs are 10% off for 4 or more until Monday! I’m a big fan of this brand for its handmade quality, beautiful texture, and transparent marketing. I don’t have these mugs myself, but I have various EF plates and bowls in different glazes (colors) and each one feels like an heirloom. They're fun to slowly collect.

I’m seeing Dispo everywhere, a new app that’s being deemed as the “anti-Instagram.” Have you used it yet? It mimics disposable cameras. I don’t hate anything that purports to be an "anti-Instagram" as I’m growing so weary of that app right now, but I am skeptical that it won’t end up going in a shopping-centric Instagram-like direction because…capitalism. I also know the company just raised a good bit of capital - I’m so curious to see how their business model plays out in a few years given this added pressure.

I follow a lot of gardening/flower people on Instagram - I love this series called “Windowsill Wednesday” by one of my fave follows, Milli Proust, for a mid-week boost.

Have you seen the Prince Harry interview with James Corden? I’m waiting with bated breath for Oprah’s interview with Duchess Megan this week…

We’ve been watching WandaVision. I’m not a Marvel person but this show is so good - the acting is so good and the show handles grief in a special way. No spoilers here, but this quote in the latest episode really got me: “What is grief if not love persevering?”

Ogling this dreamy space that’s making me long to travel to Italy and soak in this tub.

Do I need a clear wax seal and flower petals?!

My screen time has been creeping up again recently so I love this lock screen hack.

And finally: It’s March again. One year of this pandemic. I feel like that dizzy hamster meme. Take care of yourselves.