Happy Sunday.

January 9, 2022

Happy Sunday! If you were anything like me this weekend, you didn't do much of anything. It's been snowy, bleakly gray, and now rainy outside. There are piles of dirty snow on the side of the roads. It's perfect staying in weather which would be fabulous were it not for the fact that...we've already been stuck inside all of January thanks to C*vid. I'm feeling frustrated and restless this week as a result.

This headline captures the mood pretty well for this year so far:

"Frazzled" is the current vibe.

With that said! We've been trying to keep busy in our house. A few things I've been doing...

Watching the new Spider-Man movies. I have been so out of the loop with the new series featuring Tom Holland, aka have not watched any of them, so we decided to start Spider-Man: Homecoming last night and...I'm glad we did. It was fun! Silly! Not depressing! A long movie with lots of action! Just what I need right now. Excited to watch the next two...

Making clean-out-the-fridge soup. My friend Alexa mentioned challenging her household to reducing food waste, and I decided to do something similar! Starting with...dumping all the veggies left in our fridge into a soup, made with miso paste, soy sauce, and a dash of fish sauce. Hey, it worked.

Planning to make this delicious looking broccoli cheddar soup later this week (this week's theme: soup). I am skeptical of the coconut milk.

Reading, reading, reading. With all the time I'm not spending on Instagram, I've been reading a little more recently which has been such a huge life improvement. I'm almost done with My Body by Emily Ratajkowski (good, not great) and The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune (transportive, easy to read, funny). Next, I'm planning to read Matrix by Lauren Groff.

Challenging ourselves (meaning, my husband and I) to a "week of not ordering any packages/anything." Corey challenged me (lol) and us with this because we've been getting absolutely inundated (!!!) with packages since December due to the holidays, ordering things, etc. I've enjoyed this challenge so far because it's forced me to think a little harder about potential purchases, whether it's for myself or for our household. Plus -- NO PACKAGES to unpack and fold down. Can. you. imagine.

Sucking at Wordle.

Listening to this Vox podcast episode about the high cost of cheap clothes. I don't have an issue with "cheap" clothes, but the older I get, the more issues I have with my closet becoming a revolving door. Cheap or expensive, I want items that I will keep for many years, not items that I'll dump into a ThredUp bag and shoo out my door every three months. This is something I've been guilty of doing over the past year, and a bad habit I'd like to stop.

Putting small touches here and there in our home as moments of delight. First is this little spray of dried flowers I bought from here...

A vignette that says, "I tried."

...and this citrusy, woody Aesop hand cream I added to our guest bathroom that smells heavenly.

And lastly, smiling at this fun tweet. :) 🐑🐑🐑

Have a great week.

Image credit: @halfbakedharvest