How to make a dog bed from a bunch of old pillows

December 21, 2021

We recently upgraded some of our old, flattened, and yellowing (I know, gross) pillows with perfectly stuffed ones from Brooklinen and Parachute. After googling "how to recycle pillows" to no avail (basically none of the textile recycling programs near me take old pillows), I was thinking of simply tossing them. Given I have pretty intense anxiety about my belongings ended up in a landfill, I had the idea to make a dog bed from them.

Some basic sewing action...

I ended up following this tutorial on how to make a dog bed from two old pillows, using an old throw blanket we never use. I chose this design because the "sandwich" folds allow you to take the pillow inserts in and out as you please; I didn't love the tutorials that would have sewed in the pillows more permanently, or the ones that involved taking the pillow stuffing out itself.

My only modification was not sewing the pillows together in the center, which means that my dog bed has a slight divot in the center "fold" where there's a space between the two pillows, but that's something that I (and Bowie, our dog) can live with!

The lucky dog.

I loved the project so much I ended up "making" second dog bed for him using two more old pillows, but this time I searched Etsy for a dog bed cover and found some really great ones. I ended up buying this one from The Foggy Dog that's designed for stuffing with 2 standard pillows-- they have different sizes too.

Dog bed cover from The Foggy Dog
I think he likes this one, too.

If this sounds a little complicated, please note: I'm not an expert at sewing by any means - don't even know the basic stitches and just go back and forth from front to if I did this, I have faith you can, too! Let me know if you end up trying it out.