Life lately

February 21, 2021

Here's what's going on in my life lately. I feel so much pressure to post things as they happen "in real time" on Instagram, and overall I just...really dislike it because it doesn't allow me to reflect or share more in-depth what I'm up to. Ultimately those in-the-moment posts aren't an accurate reflection of my life (or anyone else's for that matter), and I always forget exciting new discoveries or recommendations that I want to share anyway when I post in that format. Obviously, catching some in-the-moment snaps can be fun, but overall I'd like to keep a more in depth record. And hopefully this format will be easier and more helpful for you too, as a follower/reader.

OKAY ENOUGH set-up talk. To kick things off, here's my "rose" and "thorn" of my life lately...

Rose: My rose is that I’m excited about finally getting our Peloton delivered after some [pretty frustrating] delays! We chose to invest in a Peloton bike after seeing many friends and family rave about it. Obviously, with the pandemic (and now that we live further from our old cycling studio), this is a much more convenient and in the end cost-effective solution. Will write a full review after I’ve had more time to spend with the bike. I’ve been using the app on and off for non-bike workouts and so far I love that too.

Thorn: My thorn is simply feeling unmotivated and hitting the pandemic wall, just like everyone else. My way to deal with this has been to take things slow, remove goals, not place too much pressure on myself, and put more time into things I love doing.

And some other quick looks into my life lately...

Looking forward to: Starting my seed sowing! I sowed my first seeds ever last year when the pandemic began and had very…modest success. This year I’ve stocked up on more seeds and knowledge (plus a real backyard) so I’m excited to try again. More gardening content soon. SO much to talk about here.

Cooking: C made this gingery bok choy and mushrooms fried rice recently and wow. It was so delicious and looked easy to make. I added a little more soy sauce to my bowl. ;)

Buying: I’ve been coveting a matching set of knit PJ shorts and a top, and bought this one plus the matching top on a massive sale. I also snagged this long cardigan that you could wear both indoors and out-and-about. I think it’ll be my new at-home uniform for the early spring.

Watching: So many things. WandaVision. (love)Oceans Eleven (I’d never seen it…it was alright). I Care A Lot (was great). Wolf Hall on PBS Masterpiece (obviously).

Listening: I’ve been listening to the podcast Binge Mode: Marvel (thanks for the rec, Katrina). I loved Binge Mode Game of Thrones and Harry Potter…I’m not a Marvel die-hard fan so it’s a nice way to understand more context behind this whole universe. I might actually watch all the movies “in chronological order,” too… when I like something, I go hard on it. 🤷‍♀️

Wearing: Speaking of matching sets…I’m wearing my Girlfriend Collective sweatsuit on repeat. It’s my favorite heavyweight material that doesn’t wrinkle easily, I love the cropped top silhouette, and the color (Forest) is perfection and hasn’t faded yet with several washes.

Skincare: I was recently gifted some cheek tint and lip gloss from a new skincare brand called Merit, and I have to say that so far I’m loving it, particularly the cheek tint. It’s super easy to use and the warm shade I have(“Terracotta”) looks good on my skin tone. At $28, the price point isn’t too bad either.

Reading (book): Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Yes, still. I have 50 pages left — so close! I’ll be so sad to finish this one. Mantel is such an extraordinary writer and I’ve never read a book quite like this one. This book deserves its own post, which I hope to write once I finish.

Reading (article): This NYT article on the “boredom economy.” I love this excerpt from the end of the article:

Sandi Mann, a psychologist who has written a book called “The Science of Boredom,” said boredom could lead people and businesses to become more creative. “That’s what downtime and boredom does,” she said. “It forces us to think differently because that’s what we do when we have time to think.”

Home Project: I Marie Kondo’d my dresser! I bought these linen dividers from the Container Store x Marie Kondo collection. A little TMI but I’m editing down my undies drawer in particular and getting rid of anything that is, um, way past its prime days. I’m in turn keeping/stocking up on higher quality pieces that spark joy. Overall, this was a HUGE win for me as looking at my messy, overcrowded drawer every day gave me anxiety. Now it feels like a breath of fresh air. On a larger note, I’ve been searching for areas of my home like this (messy areas that cause daily small anxieties) that I can easily tackle over a weekend. Do you have projects like those? What are you tackling?

That’s all! Bye!