This week in bits and bobs

February 7, 2021

I'm hoping these installments will replace my "Saved Stuff Sunday" Stories I used to post on my Instagram. I want a more archival, searchable, and ownable version of that, so here we are.

Truly random bits and bobs from my internet browsing and consumption this week...

Image source: Binu Binu

I'm coveting these gorgeous combs from Binu Binu. Not sure they're super practical for ME, but I consistently love everything they put out.

On starlings: This afternoon, I listed to a gardening podcast by the RHS about wildlife in the garden. Specifically, they talk about starling murmurations (starlings are a type of bird) and how beautiful they are. Oddly enough, we've been lucky to have starlings visit our own garden, in said murmuration-form! It was definitely a sight to see. I'll try to find a video clip of it. Also — isn't "starling" an absolutely beautiful word?

Source: @beataheuman / Instagram

I want to live in anything Beata Heuman designs, but I know I'll never be brave enough to decorate our home with such vivid colors.

The joy of watching other people clean. Is this odd or satisfying?

Image source: Maison Louis Marie

Maison Louis Marie, one of my favorite candle/fragrance brands, just released a new scent, Bousval, and I'm coveting it! Feels perfect for spring and summer...I'm a huge sucker for bergamot.

Yes, we're making the Baked Feta Tiktok Pasta this week. Have you made it?

These words.

Can't get over Heather Sten's gorgeous photos of Steven Yeun. I really want to watch Minari. You can buy tickets this week for a "screening."

Image source: Domino, @jordanferney / Instagram

Can't stop thinking about these green walls, this wiggly table, this dotty plant!

Image source: Sanabria & Co.

On that note, we're spiffying up our dining room so I've been sourcing all kinds of inspo images. I really love this one from locally based interior design firm, Sanabria & Co.