Designing a Team, Building a Company →

My role:

I founded and led a VC-backed startup to reach seven figures in revenue and profitability. In my role, I oversaw a team of 8 employees.

Here's a look at some of my work in leading our talented team and what that involved.


  • Recruited and hired a full-time team of 8 employees, and directly or indirectly managed their work
  • Hired 12+ contractors at various phases of the business across design, sales, content, growth, ops, and more
  • Developed an equitable hiring and interview playbook from scratch
  • Implemented an interview rating scale based on specific requirements in Lever to reduce bias in the interview process

We worked on this report together as a team, to hold ourselves accountable

Team Culture

  • Set company and team values, together with the team
  • Facilitated and planned offsites and team workshops, planning, and brainstorms
  • Designed an employee onboarding experience and processes
  • Cultivated a positive and supportive healthy team culture, celebrating wins and learnings together through collective rituals like "Weekly High-Fives" in Slack and quarterly/project-based team retrospectives
  • Instituted a 12-week paid parental leave policy
  • Oversaw and budgeted for regular virtual/remote team bonding activities
  • Launched a Pathways to Racial Equity report for holding ourselves accountable on aspects of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion on our team

Company leveling chart, shared with all employees

Career Growth

  • Coached all levels on the team (junior to senior/director level) through regular feedback loops like 1:1's and skip-level 1:1's, and supported them in defining and reaching their career goals
  • Developed a clear and transparent leveling guide across the org to set clear expectations for career growth
  • Designed bi-annual 360-degree performance reviews (including gathering anonymous feedback on my own performance with the help of a third party)
  • Developed equitable pay bands, utilizing data and research from the market
  • Invested in my team's development through an informal coaching + professional development budget

Driving Outcomes

  • Built out formal team OKR-setting and goal-tracking
  • Built out playbooks, guides, and processes for our various functions
  • Grew the team’s ability to balance multiple initiatives by working through constraints with coaching, resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and creativity