I'm a creative entrepreneur, business builder, and design-minded leader.

I founded and run Girls' Night In, a newsletter-based media company, and Whiled, a line of goods designed for downtime. These businesses have been featured in outlets like New York Magazine, FastCompany, Forbes, Vogue, Goop, Good Morning America, and more.

Prior to starting my own thing, I worked for several years in the tech industry, holding design, front-end engineering, and management roles on product teams.

I very much grew up "on the internet" as a participant and as a creator (Neopets, Livejournal, fanfiction—it's all embarrassing, it's all wonderful!) which seeded in me an early and deep appreciation for community-driven collaboration + excellent design and user experiences.

I graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in Sociology and secondary in History.

I'm hapa and mixed race (Korean, Dominican) and passionate about swapping stories with others who share a mixed identity.

I live in the Washington, D.C. area with my husband and our dog, Bowie. In my free time, I like to garden, read historical fiction, cook delicious dinners at home, and plot our next trip.


Email: alisha@girlsnightin.co