A Bit About Myself...

I founded and run two small businesses: Girls' Night In, a newsletter-based media company, and Whiled, a line of goods designed for downtime. These businesses have been featured in outlets like New York Magazine, FastCompany, Forbes, Vogue, Goop, Good Morning America, and more.

Prior to starting my own thing, I worked for several years in the tech industry in design and front-end engineering roles on product teams, first as a Design Director at Vox Media, then as a Design Lead on social safety net applications like Healthcare.gov as part of the Nava public benefit corporation team.

I grew up very much "on the internet" (Neopets, Livejournal, fanfiction -- it's all embarrassing, it's all wonderful!) and deeply value creativity, community, and the act of creating online. I write, design, code, and start way too many new "side hobbies." Multi-hyphenate, etc. etc. (Girls' Night In began as a side project.) I'm an introvert, INTJ, Capricorn. 💖

I have a a bachelor's degree from Harvard University with a concentration in Sociology and secondary in History.

I'm hapa and mixed race (Korean, Dominican) and I'm passionate about swapping stories with others who share mixed identities.

I live in the Washington, D.C. area with my husband and our dog, Bowie.


Email: alisha@girlsnightin.co